App for Site Coordinators

Discover how Site Coordinators use DiviD to deliver projects digitally and to comply with the Quality Assurance for Building Act.


Digital delivery with DiviD

As a Site Coordinator, you ensure that the work is carried out as determined in advance. The DiviD app for Site Coordinators can support you in several ways.

Via the Control Panel you can easily make work preparations and already assign team members to inspection points. Using item lists, you assign work or materials to relevant inspection points.

Performing quality checks is easy with DiviD. You can check and approve or reject all inspection points on location using the app.

When the project is delivered, all completed work is added to the PDF or Excel report via the reporting function, which can serve as proof for the Wkb.

Use DiviD on all platforms

The DiviD app works on both Android and iOS. Both on tablets and smartphones. Therefore you can participate in DiviD projects with your current device.

DiviD op alle platformen

Works offline too

Are you in a location with poor or no internet? Then you can download the project in advance and make changes to inspection points on site, even without internet.

More than 1,000 users are building with DiviD