App for Inspectors

Discover how Inspectors use DiviD to perform inspections and comply with the Wkb.


Carry out inspections with DiviD

As an Inspector or Controller you can easily participate in projects. A project administrator can invite you with a role supervisor and then you can participate in a project for free.

All relevant inspection points on the construction drawing can be viewed in the DiviD app for Inspectors. For each inspection point you can see the history in the log book, so that you can properly estimate how the work has progressed.

Next you can approve or deny the work on the inspection point. The team member assigned to the inspection point or the person who created the point will be notified of your change and can respond immediately.

Use DiviD on all platforms

The DiviD app works on both Android and iOS. Both on tablets and smartphones. Therefore you can participate in DiviD projects with your current device.

DiviD op alle platformen

Works offline too

Are you in a location with poor or no internet? Then you can download the project in advance and make changes to inspection points on site, even without internet.

More than 1,000 users are building with DiviD