What is DiviD?

DiviD is an app for the construction and building industries that allows project managers, (sub) contractors, architects and all parties involved on a project to work efficiently together by sharing project tasks, photos, and descriptions with the help of project drawings in real time and with each other.

In which languages ​​does DiviD exist?

DiviD is localised for English, German and Dutch. We are always considering additional languages for DiviD’s repertoire, so please email us at if you have a specific need.

On which devices can I use DiviD?

DiviD works on all Apple devices with iOS 9 installed (iPad, iPhone), most Android devices with OS version 4.1 or higher (Samsung, Sony, Asus, Nexus) and all web browsers. For the web we suggest using Chrome, Firefox, Safari and newer versions of Internet Explorer (IE 10+).

Which type of payment plans are available?

There are three different payment plans: Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Standard plan is for project members who are most likely to receive tasks on a project. Our most chosen plan, Premium, is best suited for project managers and supervisors who are most likely to administer and co-ordinate tasks on a project. Enterprise is for organisations who wish to register a large number of users and benefit from extra added features such as paying through one central account, or on-site training for several team members.

What is a Project Administrator?

Premium Plan – A project administrator manages a project within DiviD by using either a hand held smartphone, iPad or tablet and/or any web browser. With the help of a desktop computer or laptop a project administrator can create a project, add team members, allocate issues (inspection points) and keep track of the overall progress of the project. A project administrator can also generate PDF reports.

What is a Project Member?

Standard Plan – A project member is a person who is assigned issues (inspection points) from a project administrator.  A project member is always chosen and added to a project by a project administrator. A project member has access to the app through a handheld smart phone, iPad or Tablet. A member can receive tags, handle them, and send back relevant information such as photo’s, messages, or the issue status. A project member always has the latest drawings on the hand held device and the most up to date information about all relevant issues in the project.

Als projectlid kun je zelf geen project beheren, je wordt door een projectmanager voor een project uitgenodigd.