Improve the quality of your delivery

Digital tool for the construction business.

Improve the quality of your delivery with DiviD

Real-time use

Use DiviD on your tablet, smartphone and computer.

On en offline

Use the app also without internet. So you can work anywhere.


Your work agenda in one place. You know exactly where to do what.

The powerful tool for the construction business

Digital work instructions

Create, share and assign work instructions in seconds. Keep your team up-to-date with all the details, directly on your building plans.

Less administration

Forget paperwork, chasing for information and repeatedly traveling to the construction site. Daily reports at the touch of a button.

Real-time overview

Get an overview of executed and assigned activities of team members at any time. Analyze, view and assign via the smartphone tablet or desktop.

Increase the quality of your delivery

Improve the process of your construction projects. Easily check important data in the log or report. Never have the trouble to search back or remember data from months ago.

Manage projects in parallel

Strengthen your team with the necessary information remotely and manage your projects in the same time with the user-friendly control panel.

Prevent miscommunication

Eliminate information loss in projects. All your work instructions or assignments are automatically documented in a digital log and safely stored in the cloud.

Keep your work agenda always with you

As a standard user, you can see which activities have been assigned to you. If you have done something, show this with photos and a description. Get invited to a project for free by a premium user and get started with your standard account.

Forget paper, you can now always deliver digitally

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