How do you successfully complete your project?


With every project, four main subjects are being identified that keeps the contractor busy. It doesn’t matter which contractor you are speaking to; they are all worries about at least one of the following aspects. The four most important factors to complete a project successfully: costs, quality, safety and planning. Do you remain within the…

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How do I modernize construction processes?


The construction sector could potentially increase their revenues to an impressive amount of €5 billion. Business are going well, however it’s pressuring companies to become more competitive. To save costs, companies are reevaluating their processes. And wherever possible, these processes are being modernized. Below, there are given a few ways to modernize your company’s processes.…

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The six advantages of digital delivery with DiviD

Digital Delivery

The six advantages of digital delivery with DiviD We do understand you! You, as a person in the constructions industry. Probably working the same way for years now and it is going well. You are busy and there’s loads of work tot do. Trying new constructions software, you don’t have time for that. Even though,…

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Five trends within the constructions industry

The way of working within the constructions industry is changing continuously by means of different trends. Below, you will find the five most important trends which we will be seeing for the year. Trend one: Modular building and prefabrication Modular building strategies and prefabrications are getting more popular by the day. Not only within the…

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